Blogging doesn’t have to be stressful.

Social media doesn’t have to be a time suck for you.

You already have enough on your plate with family, work and children. And that’s just Monday.

Cristina helped me kick my blog design up a notch, providing me with excellent step-by-step videos to show me exactly how to do what I needed to do. Her expertise plus her sunny personality make a winning combination.

Karee Santos, author, speaker and blogger

You can get your dream of writing and creating noticed, seen, and sought after.

You don’t have to lose sight of your faith, values, family, and all you hold dear in the real world to get there.

You can work full time, have a family, volunteer at church, and still have time to blog, grow social profiles, and have a fulfilling social and family life away from your laptop.

I know… because I do.

Working with Cristina was easy, fun, and inspiring. She’s my fairy blogmother, as I like to call her. She tailors a social media plan and platform that meets your specifications and dreams, not a one size fits all deal, and she’s always open to help if you get confused! She made branding and revamping my websites productive AND fun, and introduced me to tools and software I had no idea existed–and now I can’t live without them! If you need someone to lead you through the jungle of social media, Cristina is the perfect guide.

Emily DeArdo, writer and blogger

Share your special gifts and talents without wondering if you’re losing sight of your faith and values.

I’ll show you the strategies I use to cut through the noise of social media, make meaningful connections, and blog with intention and purpose.

Juggling work, social, marriage blogging + family. You can too!

Juggling work, social, marriage blogging + family. You can too!

How am I different from other coaches?

I am a blog and social media coach that knows what it’s like to have a baby on your hip, laundry piled everywhere, dinner on the stove and school projects that need to get done, yesterday.

As a new blogger, Cristina has provided invaluable help to me in navigating the mysterious world of blog-promotion. She freely shares insights and tips on everything from content calendars, social-media scheduling, graphic designs and more. No question is too big or too small and her answers are always timely, relevant and delivered with humor! She has given me the confidence to begin using tools such as Canva and Google Analytics – which were previously a source of intimidation. I am grateful for her enthusiastic on-line presence!

Deborah Gaudino, blogger 

Everyone needs guidance. It doesn’t matter if you are a new blogger, a hobby blogger, or if you have been at this for a while. You don’t have to be a social media maven with thousands of followers to be heard.. You just have to be you. The landscape of blogging and social media needs your voice,  because you deserve to be heard.  This is your time to shine.

Ready to get started?

You want a schedule you can manage.

You need to be creative.

You want to monetize.

You want to work with brands.

You have to be able to balance it all and not lose yourself in the process.

You can.

I was at a complete loss as how to organize my landing page. Cristina was both patient and skilled as she guided me. With her advice, I organized my main themes, decided what should be omitted, and was able to choose a unifying colour scheme. The process took a couple of hours and perhaps 20 – 30 emails and messages, but she was wonderful. Cristina was knowledgeable, with an artistic eye and know-how to help me pull it all off. I am thrilled with the results because the page reflects who I am and what my blog is about.

Melanie Jean Juneau, blogger, author and journalist

Let’s Get Started!

Here’s how we work together:

  • After an initial phone call, I will audit your blog and provide you with a complete analysis of recommendations tailored to you.
  • I meet you where you’re at and we go at your pace. This means that you decide which phases of the blog audit you are ready to tackle. (Working in phases is best when juggling school schedules, work, family commitments, and #allthethings).
  • I give you resources, templates, worksheets, and all of my secrets to maintain a blog, ramp up your social media, and stay true to who you are (and the time you have).
  • You get everything that I can offer, from editorial calendars, social growth strategies, best practices, and branding.
  • We will connect as often as you need to via email + Google hangout
  • During our time together, we will also have a phone call, or Skype session for 30 minutes each week to get really clear on your strategy + your process. And, this is done on your schedule, so it’s not one more thing you have to fit in.
  • After we’re done, I stick around and provide even more tips + tweaks. Why? Because by then, we’ll be friends, and that’s just what friends do.

Recently, I was blessed to have a personal consultation with Cristina regarding my ministry’s website. Although it has been in operation since 2009, it is still very much a work in progress. I was amazed that after having only implementing a few of Cristina’s many insightful suggestions, the site was already less cluttered, easier to navigate and more professional looking. I cannot imagine the transformation still to come as I implement the rest of her terrific recommendations.

Allison Gingras, Catholic radio host, blogger, author, retreat leader and conference speaker

Let’s Get Started

When it comes to social media, Cristina just gets it. And not only does she get it, she’s great at teaching us social media nincompoops how to engage readers and friends effectively, efficiently, and with integrity. Cristina’s enthusiasm and gentle guidance has encouraged me in my new social media goals.  I’m seeing my success!

Rhonda Ortiz, writer, blogger and Real Housekeeping editor

This is so doable. You can have the blog that you want and a social media presence that is unique, honest and heard. So what are you waiting for? You’re ready and I can’t wait to help you shine.

Start Now!