Facebook Tips

8 Facebook Hacks for Bloggers

Facebook terrifies me.

All those algorithm changes and dings for not doing something right.

To me, Facebook feels like childhood, where you don’t know what you’re doing and any mistake can cost you. What do I do with my fear? Eat it for lunch and share my lunch with all of you.

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8 Facebook Hacks for Bloggers. Why should you have to scour the interwebs for blogger hacks that can help you engage with your fans on Facebook? Let me do it for you! @faithfulsocial

With stats like these from Post Planner? I have to:

  • 1.39 billion active users
  • half of users log in daily
  • 5 profiles are created every second!
  • 30 million business have fan pages
  • $234 million dollars in virtual goods & gifts were purchased in Q2 of 2014
  • 1 billion searches every day

I compiled a list of Facebook hacks just for bloggers that I’ve implemented and knew you’d like in one handy place. Why should you scour? I can do it for you!

Boost a Facebook post that’s already doing well

This would have to mean that you’re looking at Facebook insights on your page. You are, aren’t you? All you need to do is:

  1. Go to your insights (at the top of your Facebook fan page)
  2. Sort “All Posts Published” by Reach (the other options you’ll see are “Type”, “Targeting” and “Engagement”)
  3. Check out the posts you’ve shared of your content that are performing well.
  4. Click on “Boost Post” to see this screen below. You can use the default settings, but why would you? Why not target your audience to your target market. In this example, I use social media, blogging, marketing, blogging tips and others.

8 Facebook Hacks for Bloggers. Why should you have to scour the interwebs for blogger hacks that can help you engage with your fans on Facebook? Let me do it for you! @faithfulsocial

5. Further customize by loacation and age group. Don’t know where to start on this? Check your analytics, where are most of your viewers coming from? If from the US, why would you want to target people from other countries?

8 Facebook Hacks for Bloggers. Why should you have to scour the interwebs for blogger hacks that can help you engage with your fans on Facebook? Let me do it for you! @faithfulsocial

6. Add your total budget (don’t get crazy, just use $5)

7. You can adjust how long you want it to run. But again, can you skip a latte and do this for a day? Make the money work?

8. Click boost, then sit back and bite your nails. Why? That’s what I did.

There are so many customizations including coupons, including payment methods and the like. Read all about How to Boost Posts on Your Facebook Page here.

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Use one liners

One liners work in a bar, if they’re done right. You know how I feel about social media and bars, right? Well, try it with Facebook. People love it because it’s quick and they get to put their two cents in. Case in point:

My favorite cartoon growing up was _________.

Posted by Faithfully Social on Friday, July 10, 2015

Who doesn’t like to remember childhood cartoons? Pick something quick and easy – but make it open ended. You don’t want to have a “yes” or “no” response set up. The conversation has no place to go, unless you resurrect it – and sometimes, that can be awkward.

Use first names when responding to Facebook posts

If you see the threaded comments, I tried to use people’s first names when responding. I had to make the tough choice of responding timely, or waiting till I got back in front of a laptop, to properly tag them. If you can, you’ll always want to tag the person you’re responding to and Facebook allows it, if they’ve commented on your post. When you tag the person in a response, they are more likely to reply back to you. Why? People want to be courteous, they don’t want to leave you hangin’!

Share your Facebook post more than once

You know my schedule for blog post promotion. For Facebook specifically, just because you’ve shared it, doesn’t mean it’s the equivalent of a red carpet Oscar dress (as in, never to be seen again). Share it monthly.

How can you do this easily? I use Buffer and schedule them all the way out to the end of the year. Wouldn’t a recurring feature be lovely here?

Don’t lose your following, merge

When I was rebranding, I thought I would have to start a completely new Facebook page under the new name. In fact, I did. A friend of mine asked me why I didn’t merge my pages. Merge my what? Here’s the form on Facebook to request a merge of duplicate pages.

The pages must be about the same topic. At most you’ll wait 7 days, but mine was approved faster than that. I kept all of my followers and the new name transition was seamless.

Use hashtags

Facebook likes 2-3 hashtags at most. I try not to use them at all, unless it’s for something like #amazonprimeday or #happyfriday. I keep it fun and interesting but keeping within the Facebook theme of sharing, community and being real.

Here’s an extra tip – if you cross post from Instagram to Facebook, keep your hashtags to two or three in the post description, then go back and add all of your relevant Instagram hashtags in the first comment. This way, you play fair on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve said it before, but it definitely bears repeating.

Don’t know what to share? Save yourself some time and use the save feature

I love this feature and have TONS saved.

8 Facebook Hacks for Bloggers. Why should you have to scour the interwebs for blogger hacks that can help you engage with your fans on Facebook? Let me do it for you! @faithfulsocial

When you come across something you love, scrolling personally, for your blog or small business, just click on that down arrow and you can save the link for later.

8 Facebook Hacks for Bloggers. Why should you have to scour the interwebs for blogger hacks that can help you engage with your fans on Facebook? Let me do it for you! @faithfulsocial

Scroll down in your Facebook homepage and there are all of your links saved and ready to share when you want to.

And yes, those are all the Facebook Communities I belong to, but you already knew most of them, right?

Add Facebook links in emails you send to your subscriber list in a non-spammy way

Why not share an email to your subscribers asking them to chime in on a Facebook post?

It’s super simple to do. Head to the Facebook post you reference in your email, and click on the date. It’s a URL. All you need to do, is right click on that date link, copy and embed in an email

Why not try it with a “One Liner” this week. If your email subscribers haven’t followed you on Facebook yet, this could be a really “soft-sell” way to remind them “Hey, follow on on Facebook!! It’s fun times”.

If you’re looking for more Facebook hacks for bloggers, head here for The Ultimate List of Facebook Hacks (they are 5 SUPER meaty ones) that I shared on The SITS Girls today.

P.S. What do you think of the new graphics? I am kinda digging flat design.

8 Facebook Hacks for Bloggers. Why should you have to scour the interwebs for blogger hacks that can help you engage with your fans on Facebook? Let me do it for you! @faithfulsocial

My Social Media Report for April

April has been a great month for opportunities. I was included as one of the interviewed bloggers in an epic blog post over at TwelveSkip, How To Make Friends with Other Bloggers In Your Niche, written a few guest posts, and have had a lot of undercover talks for exciting things to come. Last month, I shared a social media report for the month of March, and want to continue to track the growth, along with the social wins and milestones that I’ve set for myself.

This month, I’ve written 10 posts (not including this one or yesterday’s vlog post). According to my SumoMe analytics, my most shared post this month was The Secret to Changing your Blogging Niche at 221 shares, and my least shared post this month was just posted this week, Practical Blogging Tips to Make Your Blog Better at 16 shares.

Squarespace has it a little different with How to Inexpensively Rock Social Media Like the Pros as the page with the most views, and like SumoMe, has Practical Blogging Tips to Make Your Blog Better with the least views.

I guess no one wants blogging tips, so I should stick with social media tips, secrets and niche talk?! On with the social media report!

My monthly social media report. It includes social media tips and changes I made to my social media strategy to seriously increase my social media following across all platforms! by @fillpraycloset


March: 1,750 followers

April: 1,988 followers, +238 from the previous month

What did I do?

  • I’m still rockin’ my weekly Tweepi strategy.
  • Pauline Cabrera of TwelveSkip started sharing my posts. She’s got a massively faithful following on Twitter of 20,534 followers that are all huge fans of blogging + social media.
  • I moderated two twitter chats for The SITS Girls and think the difference here is that on my personal Twitter profile, I tagged a visually appealing image letting specific followers know that I was moderating. Of course, I already had a previous relationship with them. If you don’t and tag someone that’s just spam! During the Twitter chat, I kept note of those people that I was making a connection with, sent another tagged image and ask that we stay connected.


March: 535

April: 648, +113 from the previous month

What did I do?

  • I shared my blog posts to Instagram. I can show you how to do that too!
  • I started using TakeOff. A sweet little app that gives you popular hashtags and the best times to post for your specific audience.
  • I also added morning posts and / or evening posts with motivational and inspirational quotes on them using InstaQuote. It’s so easy and who doesn’t want to wake up to some pep and a cuppa?
  • I also had a blog post promotion image reposted on, well I would love to tell ya, but apparently, Instagram doesn’t let you see beyond 80 notifications and now that Iconosquare is a paid web tool as of 10 minutes ago, I can’t thank the person that reposted my blog post on this blog post *hangs head in shame*.
  • This brings me to my most favorite highlight of social sharing this month, no it’s not that Buffer allows you to schedule pins, although that’s super exciting. It’s that one of my all-time fave social media personalities liked, commented, followed AND reposted one of my Instagram posts. I won’t say anything else and just leave this right here.

Wake up and be awesome. Make your day great! #instagood #inspiration #dftba #love #lovewhatyoudo #Hustle Repost from the delightful @fillpraycloset

A photo posted by Peg 📝 Social Media Author 📱 (@pegfitzpatrick) on

Why is that a huge deal? It confirms for me, that I’m on the right track, hustling the right way and playing in the right sandbox! It’s all about being sure to celebrate your wins, whatever they are to you, and this is definitely a win for me! Then, Peg Fitzpatrick’s bestie (see the big league players have them too!), Rebekah Radice, liked one of my Instagram posts! Sweet!

Another tip? For inspirational quotes, why not go to the experts and see how they hashtag? Of course, I’m talking about Simple Reminders. If you can’t think of a hashtag, scroll through their feed and pick ones that work for your quote. Now that’s stealing like an artist baby!


March: 1,465

April: 1,767, +302 from the previous month

What did I do?

  • I continue to pin live 10 times a day, and schedule via Tailwind 10 times a day.
  • I am also using a Beta program where I can input the RSS feeds of those blogs that I know rock solid pins and schedule directly within Tailwind as well.
  • Another great feature of Tailwind, while we’re on it? I can pin from my Instagram feed as well, directly through the application. I just clean up all the hashtags, tweak the description and I’m off and scheduling.
  • I still follow, like and comment on other pins and profiles, because Pinterest is a social platform too, remember? It’s not just all about what we want for our boards.


March: 166

April: 226, +60 from the previous month

What did I do?

  • I continue to share links on the SITS Girls Facebook group where they have Facebook Fan page love days. Generally, I try to like between 3-5 Facebook posts for every link I drop.
  • I’ve also been pushing Instagram posts directly to my Facebook Fan page to mix things up.
  • I went into my Fan Page Settings and removed the “send a message” option. This leaves your fan page with a “share” button instead. Wouldn’t you rather have your page shared then receive another “Follow me” message?! I think so.


March: 3,346

April: 4,120, +774 from the previous month

What did I do?

  • As I committed to in the last post, I began +1, sharing and commenting more on Google+ both within the communities that I am a part of and moderate as well as just on the public feed.
  • I started sharing my inspirational quotes from Instagram in the morning and evening. It was a little more than just getting +1s on this approach. I just kinda wanted to spread the good will and wishes around, ya know?
  • I participated in two “circle shares” by Derek Dillon. What this means is a group of people are added to a circle, then shared. When you’re in the desktop version of Google+ you click “Add these people”. I have them in a “New Followers” Circle that I clean up frequently. How does that look? If they look spammy, or haven’t posted in a while, I remove them from my circles. Think of it like pruning a rosebush. You gotta keep rosebushes pruned for beautiful blooms, right?

E-mail subscribers

March: 120

April: 142, +22 from the previous month

What did I do?

  • It’s a little more of an increase from the month prior, so I’ll take it.
  • I’ve lost quite a few followers now that my niche has changed from more faith based to blogging + social media based. While most people would freak, I’m not.


March: 91

April: 104, +13 from the previous month

What did I do?

  • Not a whole lot, can’t you tell? I find Bloglovin’ to be a tricky thing. It’s a blog aggregator that some people use, much like I use Feedly. According to my Squarespace stats, there are 640 people that subscribe in some way via RSS aggregators. So let’s take that number! Actually, in all transparency here, that number fluctuates quite a bit. Yesterday it was at 795. Squarespace notes that “Subscribers” are: A breakdown of subscribers to every RSS feed on your site.

And the biggest reason for all of these social media boosts is my role as a Community Lead in the Spring into Social event that took place on The SITS Girls last week. I shared tips for Pinterest and Instagram while other bloggers covered YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It was a frenzy of following and getting to know other really committed bloggers. I highly suggest participating in a network. In fact, the linky still looks open for these challenges if you want to work on a platform or two. Just because it’s over, doesn’t mean you can’t still reach out, introduce yourself and make a connection.

Another tip! In writing those featured guest posts for The SITS Girls I also created a sister or teaser post on my blog to publish on the same day. Anyone who stopped by The SITS Girls, knew there were even more tips over at my place! Why not pick up on some of that 70,000+ subscriber web traffic, eh?

For example, at The SITS Girls, I wrote a post titled, What Is a Personal Brand? 

The “sister” post was shared on my blog the same day: How to Brand Yourself on Social Media Immediately.

My post on The SITS Girls: How to Get Results from the Time You Spend on Social Media

Sister Post: 4 More Ways to Maximize Your Time on Social Media 

When you guest post, consider creating an epic blog post on your blog and asking that the blog you’re guest posting for add a link to your sister post to double your writing efforts! If you followed that, high five!

How did your social media go this month? What worked? What didn’t? What are you doing this weekend? Me? I’m presenting at a conference on, you guessed it, social media! Boom Daddy!

My monthly social media report. It includes social media tips and changes I made to my social media strategy to seriously increase my social media following across all platforms! by @fillpraycloset

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