Tips are something we live by, have you noticed? Top ten tips for this, or top 5 must have tips for that. Heck, even I’ve used them. Tips, especially when noted in a headline, catch your eye, and if they’re done right, pull you into the post and keep the reader going till the very, last word. 

Automation Versus Intention When do you automate and when are you intentional on social media? This post talks specifically about email subscriber lists via @faithfulsocial

Yesterday, a post I wrote for The SITS Girls was featured. I share 10 Blogging Tips that Will Actually Amaze You.  By far, this post has received the most comments of any post that I’ve shared there and it’s not surprising. The title received an A+ from my favorite Title Analyzer from CoSchedule. It’s one thing to have a great title, you have to have the content to back it up. I took this a step further and with each tip, included the reason why the tip was important. In all of the content I come across, it’s the peek behind the scenes or the “why” behind something that get readers interested. How do I know? Because not only am I interested in how things get done, but why they’re done in the first place. 

Last week, I took an intensive mastermind workshop called Blissboost. This 7 day intensive is run by Charissa Moore of House of Bliss. Not for the faint of heart, Charissa is a great copywriter, sharing all of the behind the scenes that made her business a success in order for me (and the others in our class) to thrive. She lives “A rising tide lifts all boats”. Over the course of 7 straight days, we talked about target markets, demographics, copy, sales pages, email sales, productivity, business systems, pricing, you name it. I came away with takeaways that are applicable, timely and tailored.  The best part? I can do this all over again, every month for a year! Genius model, don’t you think?

The family feel she fostered from the very beginning of the intensive, gave me a place to share my pain points in a secure, confidential forum and gain clarity around my new business. I can’t recommend it enough and wish you could have been with me.

One of the larger takeaways was my email subscriber opt-in. We discussed, live, with other people listening (eek!), how I manage my email list. I was honest, and said that I just send an RSS feed whenever I post. I don’t have to think about it. And that’s the problem. Basically, getting someone’s email address is like receiving a key to their private home. Every time you walk into their home you can make it memorable, or you can just show up with whatever you have. Should you be intentional about your visit and think about the people who live in that house? Or are you just ticking the box? 

That was a real paradigm shift for me.  Going forward, the email subscriber list will be intentional, thoughtful and useful to you . If you sign up for the VIP List, you will get my Top 7 Tips to Create a Successful Online Community. After that, you will receive tips from me, not shared on the blog. This means that whatever I come across in my content curation for the week, will be shared with you. I won’t be emailing the RSS feed to my blog. I want to build a relationship with you and provide value while respecting the time you have.  While the “freebies” page has been removed, I know you’ll love the tips I share with you going forward. 

Speaking of which, I have to get to sending an email to all of my VIPs!

I’m curious, how do you set up your email subscriber list? Is it an RSS feed, with no personalization from you, or do you send something specific, just to them, on a schedule? Why? You know I love the why behind things, so share in the comments!  

Automation Versus Intention When do you automate and when are you intentional on social media? This post talks specifically about email subscriber lists via @faithfulsocial

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