I am so glad you’re here. Your time is so very precious, I get that. So let’s not spend any more of your time wondering how to get started. Book a free 30 minute consult with me to get started.

How does this work?

  • We have an initial 30 minute conversation where you share with me where you envision you blog, how you want to interact on social media, what you’re comfortable with. I will even sing to the baby while you get your delicious chicken dinner out of the oven.

  • I run a blog audit where I pore over every page of your blog. All of your words, your social media channels, your design elements, your sidebar, your branding, your images, you name it.

  • You receive a Google doc with recommendations I found from your blog audit.

  • You decide which phases of the blog audit you want to tackle. You can choose all or some. It’s totally up to you.

  • While we’re working together and you’re implementing the recommendations, you can ask me questions via email, or gain further direction via our weekly 30 minute conversations. This is built in to the duration of our time together – at no additional cost, like my Brooklyn wit + Latina sass.

  • When all of the recommendations are implemented, I will keep an eye on your blog posts + social media channels for a week to be sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

What if I know nothing, literally nothing about social media or blogging?!

That’s ok. I am all about meeting you where you’re at. We can start at the very beginning and go as far as you want. This means, if you need to learn how to write a post, brainstorm topics, format posts, tag posts, get a twitter handle, understand Pinterest, use hashtags or don’t even know what a hashtag is, we can cover it all.   

As a person active in social media evangelization, Cristina’s wide array of articles filled with excellent advice and tips are invaluable. Not only in reading her blog and columns, but also having the opportunity to work directly with Cristina, has provided me the skills to manage my various social media outlets in considerable less time and will greater efficacy.  

                          Allison GingrasCatholic radio host, blogger, author, retreat leader and                                 conference speaker

How much will this cost me?

That depends on your needs and depends wholly on what comes out of your blog audit and which phases you want to tackle first. Of course, you can choose to work on all of the phases, too!

Cristina has a way of demystifying social media. She breaks things down and explains them in such a way that slays my fear and feeds my confidence. She spent only a few minutes looking at my site and came up with several solid suggestions. She provided links to tutorials and freebies and with her advice I made the changes myself! Cristina is kind and generous. She makes you feel like your question is her top priority.

Emily Borman, Editor-in-Chief of Conversation With Women

How does payment work?

I accept payment via paypal to faithfulsocial@gmail.com After you choose which phases of the blog audit you’d like to work on, a 50% deposit is due to kick off the process. The balance of the total amount is due upon completion.

When can we start?