I didn’t think this would happen, and I was in denial about it for a while. I’m back and with two rebranding-complete overhaul-blogger-to-wordpress-transfer-subscription-revamps, and a couple of social media strategy clients under my belt .

And Im Back Faithfully Social

I decided to shut down my blogging and social media site, delete my email list (such a no no) and work on my crafting instead. My love of hand embroidery and weaving knows no bounds and I am still actively pursing it and blogging about the journey. During that time, people sought me out to help with their blogging and social media strategy.

Those clients referred me to others and I didn’t have a “home” to send them to. So, here we are. I have to work on my own social media presence. I got rid of all the @faithfullysocial handles (again another no no) and have to research whether I can get them back, or have to start fresh, or heck, just combine my @cristinamakes handles. I moved from Squarespace back to WordPress (not fun) and have to clean up my site as I juggle client work, my Etsy shop, school, kids, marriage and a pup!

Just know, that I’m back and will be blogging as much as I can about the reintroduction process. As in, when you’ve pulled the plug, how do you plug back in? Because that’s what I’m going through right now and you know how much I love to share. In the meantime, check out these two launches I am SO very proud of (that are still a work in progress, but sometimes, you gotta hit publish!).


Katie Cross Rebrand by Cristina at Faithfully Social

Mary Lenaburg

Mary Lenaburg Rebrand by Cristina at Faithfully Social

So glad to be back, and thank you for bearing with me (and thanks to Katie, Mary and Colleen for having so much faith in me). Sometimes we close the door on something that we should really leave a crack open, because you never know.

Lesson learned.

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  1. *waves* I came from Katie’s place. Back in the day, before she became to busy, we were blogging buddies. I think that’s the name of the game these days, eh? Too busy. She says I should hire an assistant. I told her I need a clone. Do you by chance have a spare cloning device? A ninja stole mine.

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