We’re changing things up a bit for June. I am guest posting for The SITS Girls this Friday and upcoming Monday. When I post there, I share a sister or “pivot” post here. What I mean by that is, I volunteer for a topic at The SITS Girls  and then shift my focus slightly and take another angle and write about that here.  

Video posts are usually on Thursdays but, since this week is a little different, I thought we can get away with a video post a day early, right? Let’s do this!

Can Your No to an Opportunity Really Mean Yes? by @faithfulsocial

I really do think that opportunities come the harder you work. I don’t think they just fall out of thin air because of your inherent greatness. Doing the work is everything. That said, just because an opportunity comes your way doesn’t mean you have to say yes. 

As I mention in this video, I have qualifiers that the potential opportunity has to meet before I say yes. The opportunity can be anything from guest posts to sponsored posts to collaboration with others. These qualifiers are:

It has to help solidify your brand. I don’t think it would make sense for me to take on a sponsored post opportunity for Drake’s Cakes, even though I love them (Coffee Cake? YUM!) but that’s not the brand I’m building is it? If it doesn’t align with the brand that you are trying to create, sorry Charlie, don’t do it. You don’t want to dilute what you’ve worked so hard to build up.

Money or “The Grand Exchange”. This isn’t because we’re money hungry. If you spend time away from your family or loved ones and work on your next best thing, you should be compensated for it. Know your worth. The caveat here is, let’s say the opportunity checks all your boxes, but there’s no money. There is something to be exchanged though, expertise, knowledge, networking and building up that portfolio of work. Sometimes, that trumps the almighty dollar, right? 

You have to feel at home doing it. If you feel like you are putting on sunblock when you’re creating doing something, you’re readers are going to know it. Putting on sunblock, for me anyway, makes me feel like I am sheathed in plastic wrap. Whenever you create anything, you should feel like you doing it, or it’s not worth your time.

That said, if it scares you, that’s different.

Always say yes to what scares you.

Every opportunity is an opportunity to solidify your boundaries, highlight who you are and what you’re about – whether that’s a yes or a no.

When you say no, you’re saying yes to yourself.

You have to walk away from the declined opportunity with your head held high. Honor the person who thought of you in the first place and feel genuinely flattered that they thought of you because that means you’re doing something right. You’re getting noticed because you’re doing the work.

Friday, expect a post on how to delight your audience in a really authentic way (that ties into my post over at The SITS Girls) and my VIP email subscribers will get the 411 on a hashtag strategy that I am loving. Over the weekend, I’m heading to BlogU to get my learn on in Baltimore. While I can’t party on Saturday night, I am taking advantage of all the awesome they have going on Friday and Sunday. 

On Monday, you’ll get another post from me about coming up with fresh blog post ideas with another post on how to get from idea to great blog post over at The SITS Girls too!

Lastly, this month I am hosting some Twitter chats this month for The SITS Girls too. I am still working out the topics we’ll talk about, but would love it if you were able to join in the fun. Those dates are: 

  • June 8th, June 22nd and June 29th at 8PM 
  • June 27th at 10AM
  • All times ET
  • Use #sitsblogging

So, talk to me. What are your qualifiers? Have you said yes to an opportunity and regretted it? I want all the deets!!

Can Your No to an Opportunity Really Mean Yes? by @faithfulsocial

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