Can we talk? In the next 24 hours you’ll see a lot of change around these parts. I know what you’re thinking, “here she goes again” and you’re right. Here I go again. When you follow passions and dreams they can take you to places that are different from where you started. 

I have begun the process to change the name of my site to Faithfully Social.

Niche changes mean blog changes, name changes, all the changes. Please bear with me and follow @faithfulsocial!

Why the name change? I am no longer Filling My Prayer Closet. I’m just not. I shared in my vlog last week about blogging niches and how embracing them is important if it’s something you’re really passionate about.

I feel, for a while now, I’ve been Faithfully Social. By that I mean, I have been a faithful advocate of social media. I’ve also been and will continue to be a faithful advocate for people who need help using social media, without losing themselves in the process. I am faithful to the journey of my clients in seeing them grow and being their cheerleader all the while. 

This weekend, I spoke at a conference. I shared tips + tricks on how to use social media, blogging best practices and social media strategy overall. I connected with all of them, but there was one person that I had a special connection with. Mary at Passionate Perseverance. I have been thinking about this transition for some time, months even, and for some reason, while in a corner exchanging phone numbers I shared my new site name with her. Until then, I had only just recently shared it with my mastermind group and husband.  Mary loved it and got it immediately. No flinching, no questions, just wholehearted acceptance of the idea. A few minutes later, when she shared images on Instagram, or Facebook, she tagged me and used #faithfullysocial.

She totally hashtagged it! And that was the last little push I needed. So, thanks Mary for being the kind of push I needed at just the right time.

I am asking for your patience as I work tirelessly to change this site over and all social media platforms. I am a one woman shop, with a full time corporate job and a blog + social media coaching business, not to mention mom + wife to the best guys on the planet.

I am also thanking you for cheering me on throughout this transition. Filling My Prayer Closet won’t be going anywhere, if you enter that in your URL, you’ll still find me here. While most professionals would say I should start a completely new site, I don’t want to erase the journey. You know? I want to remember every step that brought me right here. And I am kind of a rule breaker, so there’s that.

So there will be more changes you know, solidifying my presence, logos, branding, all that jazz-tasticness that I love to talk to you about. Rest assured, I will blog about all of it. The mistakes, the plans and the process so you don’t freak should the time come when you make changes. And you will. Part of life, friend.

How can you help? Please follow me, if you don’t already on the following platforms and update your RSS feeds. I don’t want to lose you. Honestly, I’ve been working my tail off to get you here. Have you noticed?

Find me on Twitter @faithfulsocial
Find me on Instagram @faithfulsocial
Find me on Pinterest @faithfulsocial
Find me on Facebook Apparently, I need 25 followers on my Facebook fan page before I can make it my own.

All these rules! And, thanks you from the bottom of my 4’11” sized heart.

Niche changes mean blog changes, name changes, all the changes. Please bear with me and follow @faithfulsocial!

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