Why You'll Never Succeed at Being Perfect, a new vlog post with some social media info by @fillpraycloset

Welcome to my living room! Changing it up to see if you’re paying attention. So much has happened in the last couple of weeks and I learned a lot. Mostly, that I’ll never succeed at being perfect. Have a watch and I’ll see you after the vlog.

As promised, here’s the info that I talked about, you know in those “show notes!” 

As a community lead for The SITS Girls, I get to host Twitter chats and guest post for them. The first set of twitter chats I’m doing will take place April 11th at 10AM EDT. We’ll be using the #SITSBlogging  hashtag for “Saturday Sharefest”. Here’s a link to the latest link up so you can see what I mean (and realize how scary and crazy this thing is for me? Yeah!) Bloggers share their favorite post and we all jump on Twitter and chat about it. The next twitter chat is on Monday evening April 13th at 8PM using that same hashtag. I’ll be talking about that one blog nut you’ve yet to crack!

I’ve never hosted a twitter chat ever, so of course it makes total sense to host my first one with an account that has 40,019 followers <— no, I did not make up that number.

This will coincide with a post that I am writing about optimizing your time on social media going live on their site on Tuesday, April 14th. Talk about huge right? Huge.

Stay tuned for a teaser post on Tuesday where I’ll share even more social media tips with you guys that I didn’t share on SITS.

I applied on a whim to be a community lead for this network, I never thought I would get picked. To be completely honest, I forgot I signed up – that’s how little of a chance I thought I had. My mastermind ladies will tell you, I sign up for everything. Everything. I cast a wide net, so who can keep up, right? When I received the email, I almost choked on my new favorite tea, which is a Peach Ginger Matcha, by the way. 

This is what I’m talking about. You’re never going to be ready, you’re never going to be perfect. In fact, I was totally set on editing this video and getting rid of the “Peace out” part. I thought, that’s not professional, that’s not going to get you clients, that’s not…and then I thought, but that’s me. I’m serious when I need to be and playful, BFF when I need to be. I know the difference. So, play on baby, play on. 

Just get out there, apply for everything and see what happens. You may be completely blown away at what comes back. You only know what you know right now. That will change because you want it to. 

Take this example, I’m totally legit now that Taye Diggs follows me on Twitter. I think this means I made it, right? 

So does this mean I made it?! Am I big time now?! 󾔗 Come on, I know he has people that follow for him, but it made me chuckle 󾌴. #celebrity

Posted by Filling My Prayer Closet on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why You'll Never Succeed at Being Perfect, a new vlog post with some social media info by @fillpraycloset

7 Comments on Why You’ll Never Succeed at Being Perfect

  1. I love everything about this post. And I am so glad you did not edit out the Peace Out because that was my favorite part!! I am so proud of everything you have done and continue to do this year! Keep on rocking lady 🙂

    • Ha! Thanks. That end bit freaked me out. I forgot myself there, or my version of a biz-lady self? That, and I couldn’t figure out in 10 mins how to trim the end of the video so I said *#$@ it!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! WHAT A HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!! Gosh, I am yelling- but I’m really excited for you my friend!! 🙂

    I love that you had the tv on, and that your hubs was watching his movies as you did your vlog! Too cute.

    • Thanks, Chris. I love yellers. I’m kinda loud too, as much as I try to be a little more tempered on the vlog-front!

      He was watching Bounce if you were curious. He watches the news and full on movies – he’s a flipper. xoxo

  3. I feel totally stupid, because I have no idea who Taye Diggs is! HAHAHA But your vlog was great, Cristina, very personable. Also, I have no clue what a Twitter chat is. I feel so "lost behind the times." But I’m happy for you, whatever you will be doing! You are completely, 100% right on about jumping in, getting your feet wet, and just making something happen. That’s what it’s all about!

  4. I love this! And yes, you’ve totally made it since Taye Diggs is following you! Waiting for my big follow! #sitsblogging

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