You’ve just hit publish on an epic blog post, of course you want to share it. Visual images are all the rage, aren’t they? But some feel that Instagram isn’t the place for blog posts for a number of reasons, but if you’re looking to build a brand, I say why not? I’ve had a lot of Insta-pals comment and say how much they loved the blog post and actually start a conversation with me about it .

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Is it crazy to think that you’ll get all of your referrals from Instagram? Maybe. But what are you blogging for? To get your name out there, share your writing with like minded people, or just to convert and see your numbers climb? That’s a brain teaser for another day. When my friend Emily sent me an email and asked how I share my blog posts on Instagram, I knew I had to share it with you.

Here’s how I share blog posts on Instagram.

What you need:

  • A place where you can type, copy and paste (preferably your email account, but anything will do so long as your typing it out and not texting it. Easier on the fingers.)
  • A beautiful image trimmed, just so, for Instagram’s pixel parameters (currently 640×640) or you can use a little hack I’ll share in a bit.
  • Instagram, duh (and that means a smart phone).

Create your graphic.

  • I create two images, at least, for my posts. One to share on Facebook, and the other to live forever on Pinterest. Here’s that hack I mentioned earlier: the Facebook image can be used on Instagram with virtually no cropping or any other editing. *gasp* I know, right?
  • Say you don’t have an image on your blog post. First, why? Second, we gotta talk, and lastly, you can use Canva, PicMonkey or any photo editing software you like to create one so long as the size is right.
  • Whatever you do, use a compelling image. What does that mean? It means the image is not blurry, your Grandma’s head isn’t cut off, there’s text overlay with an attention grabbing title, or an inspirational quote from your post, and it’s something that catches your eye.
  • Don’t have a compelling image? Go to morguefile, unsplash, or here for a whole list of places to snag free images.
  • Save the image to your desktop, or somewhere you’ll remember it. Trust me.

Begin to craft a compelling description in an email.

  • You want to be sure to have at least 11 hashtags. Interactions are highest on Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags. I wouldn’t suggest you go hog wild and #have #every #word #hashtagged. That’s a huge turn off. You have three options, one of which is my favorite, because strategy.
  • Use Tagboard to research beyond a general and broad tag, like #love, for example. You can also use Tagboard to brainstorm some great hashtags too. That #love example, when tossed into Tagboard brings back a few other hashtags to take a look at (#fashion, #beautiful, #cute, #instagood, #girl)
  • Strategy 1: Add all 11 hashtags to the end of your compelling description.
  • Strategy 2: Add all 11 hashtags interwoven or embroidered (that’s my favorite word this week) throughout your compelling description
  • Strategy 3: Add 3 hashtags in the comments after publish <— my favorite, because then you can cross post to Facebook and not break the “Facebook only likes 2-3 hashtags” rule.

Save your compelling image to your draft email.

  • See what we’re doing here? You don’t know the half. Eh, maybe you do.

Head over to to create a shortened link that goes directly to the post you’re promoting and paste that into your draft email. 

  • You could just use the link from your blog post, you know, the original one. But we all prefer short and sweet, right. I am 4’11” 😉
  • Say you have a post you’re trying to push that has 9 words in it, because you’re feeling descriptive. Would a shortened link on a mobile device look cleaner, or would a mouthful of descriptive words? Exactly.

Send that email draft to an email address you have access to from your phone, because Instagram said so.

Now, the easy part.

Open up the email from your phone and copy all of the text, and save the image. 

  • If you have a cliptray function on your phone, all the better, you can copy all and paste where and how you need to.
  • If not, you’re going to play a little back and forth with your copy / paste. I set my emails in the order above so it’s easy either way.

Go to your Instagram profile.

  • Paste the link in your URL (go to “edit your profile”) and save. Don’t know what I’m taking about?

Upload your image to Instagram.

  • Use whatever photo filter/s you like.
  • Here’s a tip: For branding, purposes always use one filter you’ll always love and stick with it. Every.single.time.

Paste that compelling description in with whatever strategy you’ve chosen (I hope it’s #3) and include “#newblogpost {link in profile}”.

  • That last bit is important, you’re directing your Insta-friend to the blog post, letting them know that it’s all ready for them to read.
  • Here’s a tip: Don’t just push all of your blog posts on your Instagram feed. Like everything, people like variety.
  • If you know you are going to promote a post on your Instagram platform, make sure you have other images in as a buffer. Need more rules around that? Let’s say for every 3 or 4 Instagram posts, you get to share your blog post image with your Insta-friends.  

Now that may seem like a lot of work for what could be just a handful of conversions to your posts (but a whole lot of conversation if you do it right). Some light on that:

  • With practice it gets easier.
  • No one says you have to promote your posts on Instagram.
  • No one says you have to promote every post on Instagram. This is your show, baby.
  • How else are people going to know you blog? Think they’re stalking your profile? Maybe they are, but I would bet they aren’t.
  • If your Insta-blog-promo posts are consistent (same font, same over lay, same coloring, etc) it’s a way to brand yourself, and that’s always a good thing. You want to differentiate yourself from the other quazillion bloggers out there, right? Right.
  • Remember, we don’t want to choke the feed with just your blog posts, right? Social media is about being social. So, be social!

I would love to hear what you have to say. Even if you don’t think publishing posts on Instagram is worth your time and effort. In the meantime, let’s be Instafriends.

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23 Comments on How to Start Sharing Your Blog Posts on Instagram

  1. This is so informative and clear! My favorite tip that you shared is to email myself the text and then paste it into the Instagram caption. So much easier than typing out a long caption with my thumbs.

  2. Great post with a lot of helpful tips. I find that heavy instagrammers aren’t into text overlay on photos too much, but the tagging and caption feature on Instagram makes it a great way to explain what you’re blogging about that day with a compelling image. Sharing! 🙂

  3. I wish IG would just make it easier and make links in the description of our photos CLICKABLE already! I thought they were going to do this! Common IG – JUMP ON IT!

  4. Wow. I have to sit down and do this. This is a great post. Have you thought about submitting it to the SITS girls?

  5. OK, I was going to say that this is life-changing and revolutionary. Then I stepped back to get some perspective on life. And now I’m going to say THIS IS LIFE-CHANGING AND REVOLUTIONARY for my blog!!

  6. I really want to branch out to Instagram, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work & be worth my time. This is BRILLIANT!!! Thanks so much – just at the right time!!

  7. LOVE THIS!!! Perfectly written and well-explained. I have used the copy/paste method in a few daily workout posts but wouldn’t think to use it to promote a blog post.

    Thank you!

  8. Going to definitely try out your unique strategies. I’ve never been a big Instagram user but now that you gave me a reason to use it (share my blog posts), I’m in! Thank you for sharing this strategy. I’ve never seen a blog post about Instagram and Blogs. Great stuff!

    • Go for it, Megan! Let me know how it goes and tag me when you try this out @fillpraycloset 🙂 Just remember to use this sparingly (read – on your epic posts). You don’t want to be all bloggy on your IG feed.

  9. I usually just take a screenshot of my home page and share that, along with the url. I had no idea how to do the thingy! Thanks! 🙂

  10. This is great! Love the tip with emailing the caption… that will be much easier to just copy and paste. Also, the tip of changing link is brilliant!

  11. This is so helpful! I have been so baffled by Instagram when I have the other social media networks figured out, so thank you for enlightening me!

  12. This is an awesome post, Cristina. Thank you. I’m bookmarking it for future reference. Of course, I haven’t ever posted on IG though I’ve had an account for a while. Still sitting on the fence about tinkering with another social media to be addicted to. Great news about your husband converting BTW.

    • It takes some practice, and even I’ve already refined the process a bit and made it a step easier.

      Thanks for your well wishes on the conversion xo!

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