This week is all about blogging and social media, have you noticed?

Monday, we talked about social media and whether or not it’s really bad for you (especially for those who have given it up for Lent!). On Tuesday, I shared an ULTIMATE blogging resource, the Knowtbook. Amy Lynn Andrews is a bloggerpreneur like no other. Sorry, that didn’t really rhyme. Here are my 7 Must Have Blogging Resources (there may be more than 7 of them, because you should have more) This is not an exhaustive list. How is that even possible?

7 Must Have Blogging Resources sharing all the blogs I go to for the best blogging tips and tricks, blogging tutorials and social media tips. I even include some blogging books as a bonus! @fillpraycloset

If you want access to my Blog Crafting printable, where I share all the steps to my before and after blog post publishing process (and all the social media craziness I do!), just click on the button at the end of this post. It was released to email subscribers yesterday afternoon in a special-just-for-them email. I love you “tree of trust” people. They know what that means. And my apologies to my email friends, there was a lapse in the password changes to access my freebies page. I’ll let you know about that in an email! to my  On with the show!


Blog Clarity

From her 10 minute touch ups, to her in depth tutorials that I used to update my about page (check out those pins, people!). Melissa is a true find in the bloggy space. She’s written Blog Design for Dummies, which I admit freely, I bought. We’re all dummies at some point and can all learn from the ground up and find something of value, yes? She gives online courses that are smashing, let me tell you. She is the go-to for all things Pinterest and so it was a no-brainer to sign up for her Pinning Perfect course. I HIGHLY recommend it. Can I just say, I woke up one morning this week to 63 Pinterest notifications overnight. What? What? WHAT?! Yeah. There is a new class opening up in March (Sign up closes NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT) That session will run from 3/8-3/20 and there are still spots left. Just be sure to tell her I sent’cha.


Blogging on the Side

Becky and Paula share tips and tricks about SEO, monetization, income reports, beating blogger burnout, you name it and they strive to balance family and faith along with that. A tall order, right? They have a thriving Facebook community where ideas are teased and virtual high fives are given for small wins. They also have an ebook out, Blogging on the Side: Where Passion and Profit Meet. I remember when they were asking their Facebook group what title worked best! These ladies are really down to earth, are willing to share all of their knowledge and love community. Can’t beat that, right?

–3– For the Bloggers and Creativepreneurs

 She doesn’t know this, but she singlehandedly has me cleaning out local stores of their toner. I print everything she puts out. She has a strong brand, sense of humor and everything she writes, for me, makes sense. If you haven’t heard of her, you’ve been under rocks. That, and I’m sorry I didn’t mention her sooner. I should have. She put out a blog planner earlier this year titled Epic Blog: One Year Editorial Calendar and I would have purchased it myself only I have 3 planners on my desk, and use two different online calendars too. I’m a bit of a planner fiend. Actually, now that I’m talking about it, I want it. See what she does?! My favorite post this minute is, 10 Signs You’re a Creative Coach {Who Blogs} and Not a Blogger. I have purchased her Grow Your Blog Traffic with Social Media ekit . Ummm, the ebook is like 175 pages and the workbook, 125. See? My poor printer. But I cannot get enough. Sign up for her email list. She hustles and gives freebies like lollipops. Like now. I’ll wait.


Beyond Your Blog

It’s just what the title says. Do you want to reach audiences outside of your little corner of the internet? This blog is for you. Susan shares lists and other bloggers’ first hand accounts of the application process for platforms like Huffington Post, BlogHer, Babble and Scary Mommy to name a few. They also cover how and where to submit to anthologies and online magazines too. I love their tips, tricks and tools tab, their podcast with editors. They also have a Facebook Group. Sign up and grow beyond your blog!


Blog Chicka Blog

Jill is new to me. I don’t know how I found her. I think she may have found me (dreaming here). I love to read her stuff before bed. It’s like she’s talking just to me, over tea and scones. You know, because in my head, we’re fancy. She is a photographer so she shares tips on all things images to make your blog visually appealing. On my Feedly, I can’t wait to read her “This Week in Blogging”. You know what it’s like, we get all excited about our side bar, or a new app, but does anyone else you know get that? Does Nana get all cuckoo for cocoa puffs at your new hex code color you pulled from Design Seeds? Probably not. But she may raise an eyebrow at income reports! Bam, she shares them too.  I’d suggest following her on Pinterest too. Why? Because I do and I wanna say that’s where she found me. I’m such a dreamer…


Blog Legally

Ok, so let me set you up for this. I am part of Brilliant Business Mom’s Facebook Group, we talked about them before. Love Beth Anne and Sarah and uh, hello they just published a post on their top 10 podcasts on the Etsy Blog, so I can totally say I knew them when (which was like a month ago. Talk about trajectory).  The put out a quick podcast asking their listeners if they needed a real physical address at the bottom of their newsletters. I posed it to my Tribe gals and we were kerfuffled. Needless to say, Monday, Cristina picked up keys to a P.O. Box at the nearest Post Office. One of my Tribe members, Mary, mentioned Blog Legally and! We should all know the rules and regs of blogging. If you’re a blogger you’re in the biz, and you need to protect yourself. What’s up, how-to on affiliate discolsures? That’s the end of my PSA.


The Blog Maven

I’m into productivity and entrepreneurship in 2015 and when I read this, my heart melted I said all the “me too’s” . Blogging is great, it’s a whirlwind, it’s a lot to think about and do, and all the to-do lists and the questions, the page views the aaaaaaaaaah! What does the almighty Blog Maven (whose name is Jeni, by the way) say:

1. Find out what people want.
2. Give it to them.

And you don’t have to be an “expert” to do it.

I mean, we know this, right? But sometimes, we need to be given permission to relax before our shoulders slide down and chill. Know what I mean? We are not our page views. Slamacow!

I promised extras yes? I’m reading Real Moms Making Real Money Blogging, At Home, In Their Pajamas (The Mommy Blogger Next Door Book 1) as in, this is a series, y’all. I love her approach so far. I feel like she could be from Brooklyn with her sassy responses to things. I plan on doing a book review next week so be on the lookout for that.

Have you read, How to Blog for Profit Without Losing Your Soul by Ruth Ann Soukup? It’s like ProBlogger for ladies. I will say that it’s CHOCK full of so much info that you should absolutely read one chapter at a time, and then implement, implement, implement till you can’t no more, and then move on to the next chapter.

So there you have it, are there any you would like to add? Some gold nugget blog resource that you can’t stop stalking, I mean, reading? Do let me know (so I can add them to my Feedly!).

And if you want to know all about my before and after blog publishing process, Blog Crafting, you know what to do.

For more Quick Takes, head over to This Ain’t The Lyceum!

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7 Must Have Blogging Resources sharing all the blogs I go to for the best blogging tips and tricks, blogging tutorials and social media tips. I even include some blogging books as a bonus! @fillpraycloset

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  1. Cristina, I’m so honored to be included here — thank you! I hope you are having a great day and thank you for making mine!! :-0

    • Are you kidding!? Thank you for stopping by, thank you for the great podcast with BBM where you were real and too funny, thank YOU for the book and thank YOU for the term #GetGutsy! 🙂

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about us, Cristina! We absolutely LOVE having you in the group. You’re so positive and helpful! Keep up the great work. By the way, your blog looks BEAUTIFUL! You’ve made a lot of improvements since I last visited 🙂 – Beth Anne

  3. Super late in thanking you but thank you thank you thank you for the kind words and for featuring me! I actually didn’t know about Blog Legally — love new sites to read!

    • Thanks Erika! I honestly don’t know how Regina continues to just wow everyone – that’s talent for sure!

      I love your site too! She’s how I found ya!

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