Every Saturday morning, I can’t wait to receive Amy Lynn Andrew’s The Useletter®. It’s a list of tips she’s crawled the web for and freely shares with people who sign up to receive it. The way she says it: “The Useletter® is a wildly popular, weekly, hand-curated email for bloggers, authors, freelancers, online business owners and those who want to work from home. It contains handy tips, useful tools, cool stuff I find and a behind-the-scenes look at what I’m doing in my own online business.” A self proclaimed introvert, she doesn’t share these tips on social media (or anywhere else), because  “the two hardest parts of online business are (1) social media and (2) building relationships.” 

So why do you want to know about the Knowtbook?

Why you want to know about @amylynnandrews Knowtbook it's chock full of blogging tips and tricks, blogging resources, social media tips, and simple blogging strategies you can't be without by @fillpraycloset


A bit of background on what I know about Amy Lynn Andrew’s content.

I’ve been getting The Useletter® for a long time now. There was one Useletter where she reminded me (and all the other subscribers who forgot to put it in their calendars) of an upcoming affiliate campaign for Real Housekeeping. She didn’t even know how useful she was being to me personally. Her list is that indispensable that more often than not, I immediately share it with Rhonda and my Mastermind Group because there is something applicable that we should implement.

Who else thinks Amy’s the bees knees?

When Amy (we’re on a first name basis in my head), started sharing teasers for the release of her Knowtbook, I paid very close attention. See, people want to “pick her brain” she’s been interviewed on podcasts with Brilliant Business Mom’s Podcast and How They Blog and was even interviewed at ProBlogger back in December. Everyone wants in on how her brain works. She thought, about how she could provide people with the information she gathered in a way that was easy, simple and useful. 

What’s in the Knowtbook?

Behold the Knowtbook. She shares everything she’s scoured and found as it relates to social media, promotion, blog monetization, time management, design, content creation and more. What I find fascinating is that all of the tips are cross referenced with hashtags. Didn’t I say just yesterday that the hashtag is a quick one word search that can pluck like minded individuals the world over? This is similar in it’s approach. For example, the hashtags she uses are not vast, but tight and concise with just a few to direct you to exactly what you’re looking for. 

  • #action – things you can take action on
  • #book – good books to read
  • #post – indicates a post on my site with more tips and info
  • #resource – helpful websites or blog posts to read
  • #source – where my information comes from
  • #tool – tools I use and recommend
  • #tweetable – great things to post on Twitter and social media
  • #useletter – these are tips I shared in the useletter

So transparent and down to earth, she states right on the landing page:

If you need to be convinced, I recommend you pass. This is not meant to be a hard sell for a product as much as it is an inside look for those with an interest in my personal process and thinking. If you’re skeptical (I get that!), subscribe to The Useletter or go through my How to Blog series to get to know me first. Both of those are free.

I went ahead and purchased it just this Saturday. I didn’t need convincing. To have a resource like Amy scouring the internet saves me time and energy. I now have access to all of the tips, tricks and resources from past archives that I may have missed, and this is a database that is dynamic, as in, when she finds something else, say next week, it will be, in the Knowtbook

Can I see a preview? Of course you can!

This is just one of my go-to resources for how I blog and stay up to day on social media, time management and administration. I am a curator of content for myself and others because it brings me joy to help anyone that wants to grow online. 

A little about how my brain works. 

As an aside, I have been listening to TED Talk radio lately, and this week’s show is all about The Unknown Brain. The first segment interviews a neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte-Taylor who studied brains with schiziophrenia and bipolar disorder (not that Amy has any of these, bear with me) who suffered a stroke herself. The segment is fascinating and I was captivated by this one part of her rehabilitation, after the stroke. Jill Bolte-Taylor is also an author, and inspirational public speaker :

“My mother would ask me what I wanted for lunch and it was file opening time. She would say, do you want to have a peanut butter sandwich? And I’d go hunting, where’s peanut butter? Is there a file in my brain that understands peanut butter and if there was then I would say OK…and she’d say how about tunafish? And I’d go hunting for the file in my brain that understood what tunafish was.  As soon as we hit a file that I couldn’t go in and hunt for and find some kind of association to, then we would relive that, so then she would give me tunafish, so that I would have that experience.  

I highly recommend listening to this podcast and the one just before it, “How We Love” that was incredible. I digress…

I feel like the Knowtbook is collected and displayed much like the way Jill Bolte-Taylor describes how her brain searched for information. If you purchase it, you’ll see what I mean.

If you purchase the Knowtbook (you can set your price, but the suggested price is $24), do let me know so we can give each other virtual high-fives!

Why you want to know about @amylynnandrews Knowtbook it's chock full of blogging tips and tricks, blogging resources, social media tips, and simple blogging strategies you can't be without by @fillpraycloset

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  1. I just subscribed to the Useletter because I heard its a favorite among bloggers. They were all going on and on about it during last Tuesday’s #BlogElevated chat. I haven’t had the change to dive in yet, but I am excited to do so. 🙂


    • You’ll LOVE the Useletter believe me! There is always something you can actually use with every edition! Let me know how you like it when you receive your first one!

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